Treks in Russia

The Russian countryside is spectacular with amazing volcanoes of Kamchatka to the far east, the great mountain range of the Caucasus including Mount Elbrus in the south and the mystical Altai region on the border with Mongolia. We offer a selection of the best under the expert guidance of our guide and author Sasha Lebedev whose books of the regions are famous in Russia.

The treks themselves are not arduous but they are in the wilderness and we use local helpers to assist with the cooking and sometimes navigation across the mountains. If you are looking for something more adventurous where you are unlikely to meet other groups then these places will give you that solitude and sheer enjoyment of the wilder places. 

Once you travel outside the main cities and the capital then you enter a very special world of the Russian 'outback', very traditional and very friendly, with a culture that changes with every area you visit. It may be the same country but the people you meet in Kamchatka are very different to the Siberians. Most of them still live the way they did centuries ago and it is a fascinating experience to see how they have adapted. Local festivals are an occasion to visit, but also just the chance to see a place that is not on the usual tourist radar. 

Our trekking in Russia in programme is mostly for small groups on a bespoke schedule, we can provide the logistics for most itineraries and also the best advice because Sasha is a well known travel writer and photographer. His commentary and wit is as good as his ability as a 'fixer' in this part of the world, plus he knows every plant and animal. 

Some people may feel that a trek to Russia is somehow difficult or even dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth, the local people are friendly and unassuming. They live a peaceful life, often existing off the land. The natural beauty of the land frames their lives perfectly and a holiday to this part of the world is an experience not to be forgotten, if only because few people seem to know about the culture and the sights of places like Kamchatka. The Altai region was made famous by Ewan McGregor during his Long Way Down series, when he described the Road of Bones in the Altai region as the most beautiful part of his whole journey.