Tanzania Travel Facts

Got a question regarding travel to Tanzania? We've got answers. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Do I need a Visa?

A visa is required for entry into Tanzania. This can be purchased beforehand through your local Tanzanian Consulate however most people prefer to buy it on arrival either at the road border entry point or the airport. For the latest costs and requirements please refer to the Tanzanian consulate in your country of residence.

Can Kilimanjaro be climbed all year round?

Yes, the country does historically have two wet seasons however the mountain can still be climbed at these times, though there is a higher chance of colder weather and rain.

 Do I need climbing experience?

No, Kilimanjaro is a high altitude trek. It does not require technical ability or equipment. It is perfect for someone who enjoys the outdoors and walking, or someone who is looking to achieve the Seven Summits or someone who wants to visit Africa for a great adventure.

Are all the routes camping?

All of the routes use tents except the Marangu route but don’t let this put you off! Camping is fun and we use excellent tents all of which have a comfortable mattress inside.

What Vaccinations do I need?

You will need to check with your doctor or travel clinic as travel advice changes. You can also have a look at our links page for the Net Doctor travel vaccination advice.

Who flies to Kilimanjaro Airport?

KLM flies into Kilimanjaro from the UK or Ireland via Amsterdam. Alternatively British Airways or Kenya Airways fly into Nairobi and then onto Kilimanjaro. The other option is to fly with Virgin or Air France into Nairobi and then travel overland by bus to Moshi, Tanzania – the bus is a 6 hour journey and also requires the purchase of a Kenyan visa. Our Kenyan staff can meet you in Nairobi and put you up in our guesthouse, and arrange the coach transfer for you.

Is there a ground fee payable on arrival?

No, the price you see is your full land costs. There are no ‘Park Fees’ or additional trip payments when you land, outside of the exclusions already mentioned such as tips, meals in Moshi and personal expenses.You will need to pay for an airport pick-up if you choose to use it, and the cost can be divided between a group of you which is why we don't include it as a cost per person.

How much should I tip?

Adventure Alternative run our own team of dedicated staff through our own office in Moshi. We pay the proper level of wages; however it has become tradition to tip the porters and unfortunately many companies rely on tips to substitute salaries. We have a strict policy in place regarding tips which is emailed to you in your Pre Trip Info pack but would suggest £40 per western climber. We do try to promote the concept that tips are given voluntarily and as a reflection of good service, so this is not a mandatory addition.

Are there any insects or bugs to worry about?

No, it is too high for mosquitoes or bugs. Above the treeline there is very little wildlife other than birds and striped dormouse. But there are malaria is endemic in the country so you are advised to visit your GP and get the necessary anti-malarial tablets, and cover up in the evening and early morning.

Can I go if I have a food preference?

Yes, we can easily cope with people who prefer a vegetarian diet, and with celiacs or people with specific food allergies.We may ask that you bring certain foods with you, such as gluten free, which are simply not available in Tanzania.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, the National Park issues two types of certificate, a gold one for summitting and a silver one for reaching the crater rim. There is no extra cost for this.

Can I drink the water?

In the hotel and in Moshi always stick to bottled water. On the mountain it is all boiled and safe, but bring purification tablets or a Steripen if you wish.Do not drink the water from the rivers or streams. Generally you will give your empty water bottle to the cooks in the evening and they will fill it with boiled water which you can use as a hot water bottle. By the time morning comes it will be cool enough to drink.

How many people normally travel and how do we all co-habit?

Groups are between 5 and 15, and people share twin rooms in the hotel and 2-person tents on the mountain. It is no problem if you want a single room, but there is a supplement for this. We recommend sharing a tent, it’s warmer! We get people from all over the world coming on our trips but in general the bigger numbers are from the UK and Ireland.

Is it safe in Tanzania and in Moshi?

Moshi is a safe town which is quite rich by African standards, earning a good income from the mountain, but it is important to follow the usual rules of safe travel which you can find on the FCO Know Before You Go website.There is always a chance of opportunistic theft or robbery, so please be very careful with your belongings and your money. We have never had problems at the hotel but it is wise to always be cautious and not leave valuables lying on the table. 

Will I be met at the airport?

Yes. Once you put your flight details in your Trip Page then Castro Kapela will be able to meet you off the plane. He will have a board with your name on it and a car or minivan to drive you to the hotel.The cost for this is paid in cash on arrival because it is a fixed fee per car, so cheaper per person if you arrive or leave in a group. You can of course make your own arrangements. If you take the coach from Nairobi then our office in Kenya will advise Castro of your arrival time and he can meet you at the bus station, or you can take a taxi to the Keys Annexe Hotel.