Even to Norwegians the word Svalbard evokes images of epic landscapes, trolls and magical regions in the far north. This region of the arctic has its own Treaty but has a sovereign link to Norway, and is home to the polar bear and other wildlife unique to the frozen north. During the short summer it is a perfect trekking location, and in the winter it is a challenging environment.

Camping out under the arctic sky is a very special experience, as is the fun of cross country skiing and driving a skidoo across the white landscape. The aurora borealis (northern lights) can also be seen here. The main town of Longyearbyen still has a very pioneering feel to it, but it's also home to biggest seed vault in the world and the Norwegian polar institute. 

We offer an amazing trekking trip during the arctic spring/summer which starts at Longyearbyen and takes us up through the valleys nearby to experience this northern wilderness and appreciate the wildlife and nature. 


Svalbard Information