Support Moving Mountains online

Fundraising for the Moving Mountains Trust helps us to support and develop long term sustainable projects in Nepal, Borneo and Kenya and allows us to continue changing lives. To set up a BT MyDonate fundraising page follow these simple steps;

  1. Go to the following link -
  2. Click on Start Fundraising
  3. Click on Create My Challenge (or Join An Organised Event if you are fundraising for a specific project, eg; our Medical Camps in Kenya and Nepal)
  4. Complete the Personal Registration form to create your account
  5. Under ‘Search for a Charity’ enter Moving Mountains Trust
  6. Enter the type of ‘Charity Challenge’ that you intend doing (for people involved in Moving Mountains trips to the countries which we work in click on ‘other’ and enter the name of the trip which you are on, for example; Africamp, Volunteering in Kenya, Himalayacamp, etc)
  7. If you are doing one specific challenge to raise funds for Moving Mountains (for example; Marathon, Mountain Climb, Coffee Morning, etc) then click Yes under ‘Is your challenge taking place at a specific location?’, click No if you are on a Moving Mountains trip as you are likely to be doing more than one event to raise funds
  8. Under ‘When is your challenge happening?’ enter the dates of your Moving Mountains trip or your challenge
  9. Select 12 months for the length of time you can ‘accept donations after your challenge is finished’
  10. Enter your name when ‘Choosing your web page address’
  11. Click Yes under ‘Do you want this link to be searchable on MyDonate?’
  12. Click No under ‘Do you want to link your page to a fundraising team?’
  13. Click No for both the queries under ‘Gift Aid & Charity Support’
  14. Be creative under ‘Inspire others with your fundraising story’, remember this is what people will read before they donate, let people know what you are doing and why!
  15. ‘Photographs & Video’ - Make sure that your main photo is relevant
  16. ‘Your fundraising targets and total’ - If you are on a Moving Mountains trip then you should already know what your fundraising target is
  17. ‘Notifications’ - Click Yes to both queries under notifications and enter a personalised message to thank donors (BT MyDonate send this out to the donor automatically) and a link to so people can read more about the work that we are involved with.
  18. PROMOTE YOUR PAGE! Let everyone know what you are doing, share on Facebook and other social media sites, let friends and family know and get people helping... You’ll be surprised how much support is there when you start asking. Good luck and let us know if you have any queries!