This is a trip and programme that will be specifically tailored for use as part of the the Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) element of the International Baccaluareate (IB) educational programme.

In partnership with educational providers we have experience in putting together overseas ventures that have a proven track record for delivering elements required by the IB and CAS schemes. We will work with your institution's CAS coordinator to put together a programme and itinerary to meet the needs and aspirations of your students.


CAS Camp to Nepal cost £1,270.00

  • Organisation of all the logistics on the ground
  • all back up
  • vehicles and transport
  • food
  • accommodation
  • staff for the expedition
  • entry to tourist attractions visited
  • National Park and camping fees
  • all meals
  • all food/water
  • International flights
  • visa (currently $25 or £20)
  • personal travel insurance
  • vaccinations and anti-malarials
  • Personal spending money


You do not need to be super-fit for this trip, however the expedition element is moderately demanding with some long days of sustained walking with a backpack. The effects of altitude will also further tax your body. You will enjoy the trip all the more if you are in good physical shape having exercised regularly and eaten nutritiously over at least the 6 months leading up to the trip.

You do need to be in good health as we will spend some time in locations that are many hours from professional medical care. Any pre-existing medical or dental conditions should be fully appraised by a doctor and their nature fully disclosed to your insurer and to ourselves.

Kit List

  • loose fitting trousers
  • shirts
  • T-shirts
  • socks
  • fleece jacket
  • waterproofjacket and trousers
  • walking boots
  • sandals
  • umbrella
  • towel
  • washkit
  • sunhat
  • sunglasses
  • Walking poles
  • 2x 1 litre water bottles
  • headtorch & batteries
  • sleeping bag (3 season)
  • personal first aid kit
  • moneybelt
  • suncream
  • books
  • diary
  • camera
  • passport and pp photos.
  • Large duffle bag ~80litres
  • daysack ~40litres

Why Us

  • We do not contract out our trips, we employ full time staff, offering job security and good benefits, and we are continually improving our quality service year on year.
  • We are passionate about responsible tourism and our company supports sustainable development in Kenya in a real way.
  • Adventure Alternative underwrites the charity Moving Mountains.
  • Financial security guaranteed as we are AITO bonded.
  • We are members on Interhealth which gives you access to pre-trip health information and on-site assistance by phone in the event of an emergency.
  • Our staff only work for Adventure Alternative.
  • All our guides and staff are professionally trained and have years of proven experience.
  • You will get to travel with local guides who not only lead trekking groups but are experienced in high altitude expeditions and even Everest climbs.

Extra Info


Adventure Alternative's trip and programme specifically tailored for use as part of the the Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) element of the International Baccaluareate (IB) educational programme.


Join Adventure Alternative and the Moving Mountains Trust for a three week trip of a lifetime in Nepal, working on relevant, meaningful and hands-on projects developed by our charity in Nepal, Moving Mountains.  Aside from the project work you will be helping to run a camp with children who benefit directly from our work in Nepal. After the camp we trek higher up into the Himalayas to experience the grandeur of the snow capped summits of some of the highest mountains on earth towering over us.

All participants will be involved in variations of community service and the whole expedition is designed to fulfil the creativity, action and service requirements of the IB and to develop your awareness and appreciation of life outside your normal environment. We believe you will return home with a true appreciation for life in Nepal and with a great insight into how we believe developmental aid should work.
Adventure Alternative is an established adventure travel company, which also runs a number of NGOs in developing countries, and offers professional and safe school trips which combine adventure and community action. They promote personal development training, cultural exchange, civic engagement, and community service. Every trip runs in conjunction with a long term development project focussing on social welfare, education, health, construction or tree planting.

Our programmes complement the IB Diploma through the CAS requirement and can be tailored to suit the school needs and the budget. Destinations for 14 – 18 year olds are Kenya (Africamp), Nepal (HimalayaCamp) and Malaysia (BorneoCamp). We pride ourselves on not out-sourcing; we have a large resource of full-time staff, vehicles and equipment in all our regional offices and a secure online group expedition forum.

As with all of our youth and development trips we strive to ensure that participants take an active role in the build up and pre-departure details of the trip, actively engage during their time away and come home with a wealth of new experiences that they then reflect on in the short and long term to consolidate and enhance the positive outcomes.

In this way, the time spent abroad forms perhaps a peak in the experience but that it fits into a larger and more subtle picture of a sustained and balanced journey through stages of creative, intellectual, physical and emotional challenges. Our experience has shown this to greatly enhance the participant's personal appreciation of themselves in the world at large and to build the perspective and confidence that this fosters.


We run our treks from a permanently staffed office in Kathmandu and our dedicated team provide an excellent service. As well as Pasang, our other guides include Geljun Sherpa from Bupsa, Tsering Sherpa and Lopsang Sherpa.
All of the guides have been employed for over ten years with us, and they have been trained to our high standards personally by Director and high altitude climber Gavin Bate, who has climbed Everest 6 times. They know how to deal with medical emergencies and speak good English. They are very attentive and after so many years have a good understanding of western needs.
We give the full recommended wage and are a Responsible Partner for the International Mountain Explorers Connection. We provide clothing, food and tents for all of our staff and have proven policies for payment and tipping. This means that you are not hassled by people looking for handouts at the end of the trip, and the staff themselves are happier.


This guided trip is for young people who are fit and enthusiastic and open minded. It will really appeal to people who are interested in travel and trekking, sustainable tourism, charitable work in remote regions and learning about new cultures.

It is one of our unique youth expeditions in Nepal, Kenya and Borneo which combine adventure and sustainable charity work.


We run scheduled dates that are designed to tie in efficiently with the academic calendar. However the timings of vacations does vary across the different institutions. If you have specific preferred dates that are not currently catered for please contact us to discuss arranging a suitable schedule.


£100 from your trip cost will go to Moving Mountains which covers the cost of the project. Adventure Alternative also underwrites all the administration costs of Moving Mountains to ensure that every penny donated goes directly to the countries in which we are working.