Ojos del Salado trip preparation


You need to get to Copiapo in Chile, almost certainly via Santiago in Argentina.You can fly to Santiago with a number of variations, via Buenos Aires or Sao Paulo being the main nearest hubs. Airlines which serve the route include LanChile, TAM Brazil, Iberia, Air France and British Airways. Flights can become very expensive so best to to book early.

After flying to Santiago we take overnight coach to Copiapo. We may organise a private coach for the whole party (11 hours). Or you can take the public coach. From Santiago Airport terminal take the Bus Sur, which departs every 15 minutes and takes 30 minutes to Terminal de Buses Alameda. From there it's an 11 hour bus ride to Copiapo. Best 'class' is semi cama which includes ‘bed’, food, drink and cost about £14.00 or 20 euro. There are many buses going north to Copiapo, Pullman is good too.

Vaccinations and Travel Health
There are currently no required vaccinations required for entry to Chile however you should consult your doctor if you have any concerns regarding existing conditions or health issues.

We have a contract with Interhealth in London which can provide expert travel advice and guidance on travel in any country. Benefits include:
* Free travel consultations and health advice with a medical team to discuss pre-travel requirements such as malaria prevention and vaccination requirements. Tel: 020 7902 9033- 2-3pm Mon-Fri or doctors@interhealth.org.uk
* Urgent medical advice – for serious health issues, available 24 hours a day. emergency phone line: 079 7325 0026


Please clearly mark your luggage with your own contact details and contact details for Adventure Alternative in South America which we will supply prior to departure.

We advise you to take out your insurance as soon as possible to cover potential events that might cause you to cancel your trip. You need to ensure that you have a policy which covers trekking to 6893m, but it does not need to cover technical climbing. You should bring with you a copy of your policy and ensure that other people knows where you keep it. It is also worth bringing a photocopy of your passport and to keep it separate to your own documents just in case you lose your passport. Please also see our 'More Information' page entitled 'Insurance'.

UK passport holders do not require a visa to enter Chile for a period of less than 90 days subject to your passport being valid for at least 6 months beyond your homeward flight date and a homeward flight ticket having been purchased. Chilean Consulate.


The local currency in Chile the Chilean Peso (CLP). This is not to be confused with the Argentine Peso (ARS) when exchanging money as they are different by a factor of 100! You can order both currencies before you travel. There are ATMs in larger towns which take Visa and Mastercard, and there are banks with forex facilities. Be aware that the exchange rate offered at the airport is likely to be unfavourable. Do also remember to have small denomination notes because many local places will not be able to offer change for large notes. You can take sterling, euro or dollars, and change it easily. If you are travelling from Northern Ireland then remember to bring Bank of England sterling notes, not the Northern Irish sterling notes which are not recognised. 

Adventure Alternative staff will meet you in Santiago or Copiapo although you may find that you end up travelling by the same means prior to this. We will open discussions of travel arrangements prior to the trip so that group members can share information and possibly team up in the UK or other locations and travel together. We will advise our rendezvous point for a specific trip well in advance of departure, this may cater for chartering a private bus from Santiago to Copiapo.
We will arrange a team briefing with the whole team prior to starting the ascent of the mountain. This will include your guides who will take you though all the equipment and techniques that you will need for a safe and enjoyable trip.