Weather on Ojos del Salado

Weather on Ojos del Salado is generally extreme. The dryness of the desert combined with often very strong winds and the altitude can lead to some cold days. THe hot springs near the Laguna Verde are a welcome respite after a hike in such conditions. However down near base camp if there is no wind it can be very hot and dry. 

At lower elevations, during the period January to March, the air temperature is likely to vary from around 27°C at mid-day to a minimum of around 10-15°C at night, with isolated maximums of perhaps 30°C. Of course, higher up, the perceived temperatures may be dominated by the radiant sun glare and wind chill factor. The Atacama is renowned for its extremely low precipitation and the number of days with clear, cloudless skies of brilliant blue. Later in the year, access to snow and ice melt can be easier so that drinking and cooking water is easier to obtain. Average wind speeds are also likely to be lower at this time of year.

On any trip to the region and especially up high and on exposed peaks, we will need to be dressed and prepared for very low temperatures and high wind speeds. It is likely to be warm, calm and sunny most of the time but the Puna region is infamous for abrupt weather changes and extreme climatic conditions. Wind-proof clothing is an absolute must, along with very good protection for eyes, hands, feet and face.