Mount Kenya books and maps

Maps & Guides
Mount Kenya 1:50,000 Map & Guide. Wielochowski. EWP 2007
Kilimanjaro & East Africa, Climbing & Trekking Guide. Burns. ISBN 0-89886-604-9
Guide Book to Mt Kenya & Kilimanjaro. Mtn Club of Kenya, (4th Ed 1990) ISBN 9966-986-0-3
Trekking in East Africa, Lonely Planet, ISBN-10: 1864502894, ISBN-13: 978-1864502893

Factual Stories & Autobiographies
No Picnic On Mount Kenya. Felice Benuzzi. ISBN 978-1-59228-724-6
Upon That Mountain, Eric Shipton, Ashdown. ASIN:B000QREDLY Chapters 4 & 5
That Untraveled World, Eric Shipton, Hodder & Stoughton. ISBN 0-340-21609-3
Snow On The Equator, H.W.Tilman, The Travel Book Club. Chapter 4
Kenya Mountain, E A T Gregory, Jonathan Cape. 1929.
The First Ascent of Mount Kenya, H Mackinder, Hurst. ISBN 1-85065-102-7
Through Masai Land. J Thomson. Frank Cass & Co Ltd. ISBN 1-141-95717-5

Large Format Pictorial & Descriptive
Snowcaps On The Equator. Ward, Boy & Allan. ISBN 0-370-31126-4
On God’s Mountain. Amin, Willets, Tetley. ISBN 0-86190-393-5
Mount Kenya, John Reader, Elm Tree. ISBN 0-241-12486-7

Expedition Reports, Journal Articles & Scholarly Publications
A Journey to the Summit of Mount Kenya. H. Mackinder, The Geographical Journal, May 1900.
The Glacial Geology of Mount Kenya. J Gregory, Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society, 1894.
The Great Rift Valley. J W Gregory, Frank Cass & Co. ISBN 0-7146-1812-8
The Glaciers of Equatorial East Africa. S. Hastenrath. D. Reidel. ISBN 90-277-1572-6
Discovery of Lakes Rudolf and Stefanie. L. Höhnel, S. Teleki. Longmans
Geological Map of the Mount Kenya Area. Cartography by B. H. Baker

General Country Information & Relevant Books
Kenya, Lonely Planet Guide. ISBN 978-1-74104-773-8
The Rough Guide to Kenya, Rough Guides, ISBN-10: 1848361378, ISBN-13: 978-1848361379
Born Free, Adamson, Pan Books, ISBN-10: 0330391909, ISBN-13: 978-0330391900
Out of Africa, Blixen, Penguin Classics, ISBN-10: 0141183330, ISBN-13: 978-0141183336

Mountain Travel & Altitude
Altitude Illness: Prevention & Treatment. Bezruchka. ISBN 0-89886-985-5
Travel At High Altitude. Medex. ISBN 0-901100-76-5
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Summary & Aerial Shots of Mt Kenya.
Aerial shots and Time lapse of Mt Kenya.
Volcanic Origin, Retreating Glaciers, Watersource.
Volcanic Mechanism of Rift Valley & Mountains.
Flora & Fauna on Mt Kenya.
Flora & Fauna on Mt Kenya.
Kikuyu Beliefs & Ngai.
Kikuyu Beliefs & Drought.
Weather & Climate on Mt Kenya.
Forest Zone- Colobus Monkeys.
Aberdares- As an ancient version of Mt Kenya.