We have staff in Moscow who can facilitate any type of tour or schedule. We can book and arrange hotels, trains, ballet, circus or tours around the many sights. We have English speaking guides and vehicles at our disposal. It is best to give us a call about specific requirements however the most common post Elbrus tours are mentioned below.

We have our own website dedicated to City Tours, but here are a few of the obvious examples:

Moscow Tour 

Many people like to stay on in Moscow after the climb of Mount Elbrus to explore the city and its amazing history, culture, architecture and entertainment. Home to many iconic buildings from Russia's colourful past, it is worth extending your holiday to take in some of the main attractions. Simply choose the number of days you would like to stay and we can arrange the hotel and pick-up and also any tickets or guiding you may need. 

Dominating much of Red Square (Krasnaia Ploshchad), the tall red-brick towers of the Kremlin building are one sight hard to miss and occupy the actual spot where the city was first established. As well as its rich Soviet history, modern Moscow exudes a strong and at times bohemian flavour, with some wonderful art galleries, theatres and restaurants. 

Combined Moscow and St Petersburg Tour 

It is also possible to travel by train after visiting Moscow to visit St Petersburg, where the highlights are well worth the extra time. Few cities can offer so many stunning attractions and intriguing moods as the City of the Tsars! 

From the vibrant colors of spring, through the sunny summer days and endless twilights of the famous White Nights, the brilliant golden sun of autumn and into the crisp and brittle brightness of a St. Petersburg winter, the City casts its own unique spell over visitors. Created by Peter the Great to be his "window on Europe", St Petersburg combines its fascinating Russian heritage with a distinctly European outlook. Considered the cultural heart of modern day Russia, St. Petersburg has regained its reputation as one of the Great Cities of Europe.