We will fly into Barnaul in Russia, close to the North West border of Mongolia and travel across to the Mongoliab Altai overland. Flights to Barnaul are invariably best via Moscow with Aeroflot Russian airlines. Booking both legs with the same airline has the advantage that in the event that the first leg is delayed it is easier to organise the re-scheduling of the second leg if required.

Flights from London Heathrow include the following reccommended itinerary:-

13:25 departure from London Heathrow (LHR) - Moscow Sheremtyevo (SVO) = Flight no. 2579 (approx 4hrs)
Layover approx 3hrs
22:50 departure from Moscow Sheremtyevo (SVO) - Barnaul (BAX) = Flight no. 1430 (approx 4hrs)

07:20 departure from Barnaul (BAX) - Moscow Sheremtyevo (SVO) = Flight no. 1431 (approx 4hrs)
Layover approx 3hrs
11:05 departure from Moscow Sheremtyevo (SVO) - London Heathrow (LHR) = Flight no. 2578 (approx 4hrs)

We operate a key account with STA Travel for all flights and you can call our contact Chris Sidebottom on 0871 230 8579 or +44 161 830 8759, mentioning Adventure Alternative, or email him on . STA is fully ATOL bonded.

Vaccinations and Travel Health
There are no required vaccinations required for entry to Russia however you should consult your doctor if you have any concerns regarding existing conditions or health issues.

We have a contract with Interhealth in London which can provide expert travel advice and guidance on travel in any country. Benefits include:

  • Free travel consultations and health advice with a medical team to discuss pre-travel requirements such as malaria prevention and vaccination requirements. Tel: 020 7902 9033- 2-3pm Mon-Fri or
  • Access to our own Online Travel Health Advice Centre
  • Urgent medical advice – for serious health issues, available 24 hours a day. emergency phone line: 079 7325 0026

Do also read our information page on Health & Comfort and on the Effects of Altitude


Please clearly mark your luggage with your own contact details and the following contact details for Adventure Alternative in Russia (you can copy and paste this image into word or paint to print it):-

We advise you to take out your insurance as soon as possible to cover potential events that might cause you to cancel your trip.

You should bring with you a copy of your policy and ensure that other people know where you keep it. It is also worth bringing a photocopy of your passport and to keep it separate to your own documents just in case you lose your passport. 

Adventure Alternative is financially bonded by ABTOT which ensures complete protection for your money.

You will need to obtain a double entry tourist visa for Russia and a single entry tourist visa for Mongolia. Please see our Visa page via the menu link to the right of this page.

Equipment & Clothing

Please see advice on our Gear tab on the main trip pages. You can also speak to us about the type of equipment that you may need to buy or hire.