Kenya trip support

Through our considerable experience of providing development trips over the years we have come to identify the benefits of providing a degree of support and follow-up to our clients when they return home from a school or volunteering trip to Kenya. You may be surprised by the effects of suddenly landing back in your home setting as a genuinely changed person. Not least will be the fact that you will have been surrounded by a large group of like-minded people and will have made deep and lasting friendships with them, only to find that upon your return the group has dispersed.

Aside from the social side of the home-coming experience there is also the personal development aspect of the trip. We can help you recognise and make the most of the potential gains that can be made from your experiences and how they may help guide the next stages of your life and career. We believe that one of the strongest ways to get the most from your experiences in the long term is to record them, actively reflect on them and then build directly upon them. We will provide a framework of support to help you to achieve that.

Initiatives include:-

  • Certificates or references for the trip in general 
  • We encourage all members to keep a journal of their trip, however brief or in-depth. We then ask that they produce a short report on the trip or specific aspect of it, to be shared with their fellow travellers. This can be an online blog. 
  • Organise a de-briefing stage to the trip and give us your feedback and help us improve
  • Set up a forum through which group members can stay in touch with the rest of the group and with the communities that they visited abroad.
  • Contact us for assistant with careers in development, interview techniques and other opportunities like the International Citizenship Scheme

Over a longer period of time we can offer you internship and work experience with Moving Mountains and Adventure Alternative, depending on availability, and we can act as a character reference to you for job interviews. We can help you write the experience into your curriculum vitae and also put you in touch with organisations that you may want to get involved with, such as Tourism Concern.

The adventure travel industry and the international development sector are both huge and diverse, offering a multitude of career options. However they require qualifications and experience, from expedition medics to field workers. It is hard to get into, but this experience can provide you with vital practical knowledge and you should feel that Adventure Alternative and Moving Mountains are both there to provide a continued forum for advice and assistance.