Lupa Masa jungle camp in Borneo

Lupa Masa is a unique jungle camp hidden on the lower slopes of World Heritage Mount Kinabalu National Park that has been developed with Adventure Alternative Borneo. Lupa Masa literally translates as ‘forgotten time’ and many travellers do just that. The trips below include time spent in this eco lodge in the rainforest.

Set amongst primary rainforest, it is the perfect place for an introduction to the diversity of Borneo’s famous flora and fauna, as well as a retreat for those who simply want to relax in a beautiful environment surrounded by nature. Only a thirty-minute walk from the village of Poring, guests get their first taste of the rainforest on the guided walk into camp.

Lupa Masa jungle camp accommodation

Built entirely from local bamboo and reclaimed wood, accommodation at Lupa Masa jungle camp is rustic but comfortable. Sleeping open-air with mosquito nets, guests have the chance to immerse themselves in the surrounding sights and sounds of the rainforest. There is also the option to sleep within tents on the open-air bamboo structures for those wanting more privacy. It is recommended to pack light for you stay in the jungle.





Activities at Lupa Masa

There are many activities for guests at Lupa Masa jungle camp. It is highly recommended to join the guided night trek that visits the surrounding trails; lastly 45mins, this simple trek gives guests a chance to see some spectacular nocturnal wildlife. Long and short day treks can be arranged to various locations near camp, as well as the fascinating jungle survival course lead by our local leaders.


The surrounding forests are rich in mammal, bird and plant life and treks have included sightings of the Slow Loris, the Western Tarsier, the Long-tailed Porcupine, the Yellow-throated Marten, the Rajah Brook Birdwing Butterfly and Wallace’s Flying Frog, a vast array of butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies, cicadas, frogs or even hooting gibbons. When in season, the Giant Rafflesia and many wild orchids can be found flowering nearby.

Guests can also enjoy their days spent on the sun deck by the river, relaxing in a hammock or swimming in the nearby river and waterfall.

Facilities at Lupa Masa

The facilities at Lupa Masa jungle camp are simple and all ecologically sound. The hydroelectric power supply is the primary source of electric at camp, supplemented by a fuel generator when the river in low.

Simple private showers and taps are supplied from the surrounding rivers and water use is kept to a minimum. There are western toilets that require a ‘bucket flush’.

Meals are vegetarian and include rice with numerous jungle vegetables that are grown in the surrounding area and supplied by the local village markets. All food is organic where possible, food waste is composted and plastic and other materials are limited in their use.

The following trips include Lupa Masa jungle camp in their itinerary. Alternatively you can make an individual booking to stay there.

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