Yoga holiday, meditation retreats

We run a yoga and wellness retreat in the mountains of Nepal which combines trekking in beautiful mountain locations in great company of the local Sherpa people, yoga teachers and wellness experts. Health and fitness is the aim as well as relaxed yoga on this wellness break, all beneath the Himalayan peaks and staying in a comfortable lodge with locally produced food and a small monastery nearby where you can learn about Tibetan Buddhism and take part in the local puja ceremonies.

Yoga and Wellness in the outdoors

Trekking connects us with our environment and allows us to settle our mind and live in the present. Enjoying the simple passing of a day or quiet vista along the trail. Spiritual yoga and trekking do complement each other perfectly, the act of walking on the mountain trails in the outdoors is in itself a kind of meditation. The yoga sessions further open our minds and stretch our bodies to become part of the environment.

The heart of our passion lies in responsible tourism and our company actively supports sustainable development in Nepal in a tangible way, for which we have twice won the World Responsible Travel Awards. This holiday has in part come about because we helped to build several gompas on monasteries in the lower Nepalese Himalaya (solu Khumbu) and we funded a monk programme through our charity Moving Mountains. Visitors came to stay and remarked on how wonderful their experience was, seeing the way of life and meeting the monks (lamas), learning about the culture and of course walking through the mountains. It seemed a perfect place to have a yoga retreat and wellness holiday.

Nepalese friends in Thame.jpg
A couple of Nepalese friends from the village of Thame.

The culture of the Himalayas is steeped in meditation and mindfulness. Hinduism and Buddhism are the dominant religions in Nepal. Yoga and meditative practices have been a part of everyday life here for centuries. 

When on a yoga trek we strike a balance between yoga practice, trekking in the stunning Himalayas, and engaging with local communities. Each day we will engage in two different yoga practices and trek along the lesser-trafficked trails of the Himalaya. Together we will explore what it means to be present both spiritually and physically in the mountains.

Monks in the Himalayan Monastery

Visiting with local monks in a Himalayan monastery to better connect our practice to the people of this magnificent region.

Collaboration with Moving Mountains

We will travel through small mountain villages, including our sister village that we engage with at our charity Moving Mountains. Together we will explore the notion of global community and engage with local villages, families, and children. 

Moving Mountains in Nepal works on the ground with local communities to help better their infrastructure. We have programs that include hydroelectric power facilities, schools, monasteries, and health clinics. Our aim is to provide the tools and education necessary for the community to maintain programs and initiatives on their own.

What to Bring for a Yoga retreat

Trekking and yoga trekking involve much of the same packing list. However, on a yoga trek, it is important to bring your yoga mat with you for your practice. Clothing appropriate for yoga is also advised. Keep in mind that temperatures swing drastically in the Himalaya, so be prepared for both cold and warm weather.

House below Lukla.jpg
A typical village house in the solu Khumbu