We are often asked where to buy your kit / equipment for your expedition. We also fully appreciate that when you start looking at gear that the cost can soon add up! For the majority of our expeditions and treks you don’t need specialist equipment or clothing but you do need to have some good basic gear which will keep you warm, dry and safe from the elements. Below are some basic considerations and frequently asked questions:

What do I need?
Each trip on our site has a specific kit list, which is viewed on the main trip page on a tab at the top titled ‘GEAR’.

How much do I spend? 
This depends on your budget and also a deciding factor is if you will use the gear again.

Where do I get kit?
When it comes to buying gear we all like good advice from knowledgeable people. We do appreciate that not all retailers keep their staff up to scratch on the latest equipment / clothing knowledge and we also appreciate that at times some staff will not have the knowledge to properly advise someone on the weather and in turn required clothing on a particular peak. For this reason we are in the process of setting up a link with a number of good outdoor retailers around Ireland who have good staff, products and they will also have a copy of our kit list and guidelines specific to our climbs – be that a Mt Everest summit climb or a trekking holiday in Spain. As soon as the links are in place we will advertise the shops around Ireland on this page. In the meantime do print out our kit list and take it to your local outdoor retailer as it’s important to support them.

Some people obviously aren’t based in Ireland! So in the UK we have teamed up with ‘The Outdoor Shop’ who are based in Milton Keynes. They have a fantastic website, product range and very knowledgeable staff who you can call. If you are a client of Adventure Alternative you also get a discount. To qualify for this you need to email them a copy of your invoice to show that you are signed up for a trip. Click here for your: Adventure Alternative discount:

Can I rent?
In most of the countries where we operate you can rent clothing, boots, crampons, plastic boots etc. Since this is usually from third parties we can never guarantee the quality of the hired gear. Each county is different and in some we have our own gear for rent. The trip pages will let you know what is available on a per trip / location basis.

If you are keen to hire then it’s also possible to rent in the UK. We use a company in Wales called Expedition Kit Hire click here. If you drop Stuart an email on sales@expeditionkithire.co.uk he will be able to advise you. If you quote 'Adventure Alternative EKHWP' you will receive 10% discount (excludes postage). This ensures you are happy with your clothing / equipment before you travel abroad.

Can I buy second hand kit?
With the likes of ebay, walking clubs or trekking / climbing forums it is very easy to pick up a bargain second hand. Things to avoid would be anything of a technical nature such as a harness, rope or other life dependent equipment. Also boots tend to form to the wearers feet so a second hand pair may be very hard to break in. Jackets and clothing are regularly available.

When to buy?
Usually you will have a good lead in time from booking to actually going on your trip. If you can buy gear on a down season you will get a better deal. For example a down jacket in summer will be cheaper than buying it in November. Buying gear early also allows you to test it, break it in and ensure that it’s appropriate for your expedition.

Do also click the following links to have a look at our details regarding Trekking Boots and Mountain Boots

Questions about kit?
We are always at the end of the phone (during office hours) or on email, so do let us know if you have any questions.

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