Review by Dylan May

The personable help and assistance in the preparation and organisation before the trip was so helpful even small things such as the Russian Visa, help with clothing etc. As you can imagine I was slightly nervous and apprehensive about the trip and it really helped and assisted.

On the trip itself, I thought it was very well organised and all went to plan without any hitches. The hotel, accommodation on the mountain, transport, food, logistics, hiring of equipment, safety of all of us was faultless. It must be a lot of hard work and communication between the UK and the team in Russia. Their are no words to describe how good the guide (Sasha) was. He worked so hard both behind the scenes and in front of us with the organisation and getting us all in the best preparation and position to reach the summit, which no doubt was difficult with different personalities and various habitats and needs from us all – It wasn’t easy and I'm so impressed how it was achieved.


Review by Kevin MacKenzie

Just a quick note to pass on my huge gratitude to Sasha (1), Sasha (2) and Natalia for making our Groups’ 11 day trek extremely enjoyable. Having met Sasha (1) and (2) in 2014 when we attempted the Northern route and were turned back by bad weather on three occasions, it was extremely exciting to finally put the mountain test to rest, when we summited on Saturday morning by the Southern route!

The mountain certainly provides a challenging environment, not only with the altitude, but also with the tricky terrain on summit day, requiring extreme care, attention and professionalism at all times. Sasha (1), (2) and (3) provided that in abounds and I would be grateful if you could convey my appreciation and gratitude to them all. Sasha (1) has such a wide interest in the fauna and flora of the local area, that each training trek provided much needed and interesting distractions from the air-sucking “poly-poly” routes. I also managed to view again the artistic talent of the modest Sasha (2), when he was showing his portfolio to one of the other chefs at base camp. They are both a huge credit to the Adventure Alternative team.


Review by Xavairia

Adventure Alternative was very professional and answered each inquiry promptly. The prices are very reasonable and they also offer many different dates for their tour. I had no trouble with my visa process and am very satisfied with the company.


Review by Bill Brooks

I feel very fortunate to have been a client on a trip last week to the summit of Mt. Elbrus in Russia. Our guide, Sasha, led us on an excellent adventure. The organization, food, stories, hotel, training trips, etc., all exceeded my expectations. Despite inclement weather on the mountain, all five of us made it safely to the summit and back, under the leadership of Sasha's assistant guide. Great attention was paid to the specific needs of each individual, in terms of required equipment, training, food, guidance, and preparation, leading to our summit success. I highly recommend Adventure Alternative to all interested climbers.


Review by Scott Butler

Adventure Alternative were brilliant from the word go. Their communication and personal touch from the outset made this an adventure that will live long in the memory. Everything was planned brilliantly, making sure that everyone felt safe and most importantly summited Mt Elbrus.

We had a guide who was vastly experienced and always made sure you were safe while enjoying the whole experience. It was a very friendly atmosphere with enough variation in the acclimatisation climbs to keep everyone motivated and enthralled by the amazing place we were in. Seeing other groups form other companies rush the experience confirmed that I really had made the right choice.

Bravo AA! Book now!!


Review by Ross V

An Elbrus trip with Sasha is truly an alternative adventure! Lots of laughs, local knowledge and overall a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. I highly recommend this trip!


Review by Shona F

We’re back from a fabulous trip to Elbrus and the top of the mountain. We had a really great experience with the Adventure Alternative team…

The guides – Sasha was a fountain of knowledge about the local area and was a very good guide that I trusted. It was particularly helpful to have his guidance as we had some very skilled mountaineers on our trip but he always ensured the hikes catered to all levels of hikers in our group. The Ukrainian guides Oksana & Igor were super too and you could tell they had a wealth of experience. We were both with Igor on summit night and he kept a great pace and kept us going when the weather closed in on us. He created a video of the trip which everybody loved.

On the mountain – We were told by Sasha that we were staying in the best huts up the mountain and we could see that for ourselves as they were very clean & warm. Everything was organized very well – moving the gear, the guides telling us about the plans ahead etc. All the rental equipment was of good quality and we felt comfortable that we knew about the route we were taking on summit night and the challenges.

The food – I can’t say enough about how the healthy food that was prepared made all the difference to our trip. I was prepared to be slightly sick due to altitude & a different diet but our cook Gaila prepared the food to a very high standard and we were almost turning away the food there was so much of it and so good!

Moscow – Andrey is awesome! It was super to have him guiding us around Moscow and he had loads of info and knew all the best places to go. We’ve had a really good experience and want to thank you, and all the team in Russia, for your help.