Testimonial by Anna Ogier, Bristol Medical Student

The clinic was a very humbling and fascinating experience. What particularly stood out to me, was how so many healthcare issues stemmed from lack of or false information. From rashes on small children through washing in stagnant water, to a young girl with a snake bite who had accidentally caused compartment syndrome from incorrect use of a tourniquet, it was clear that health education had a great role to play in these areas. This inspired us to teach within the community about practices such as sanitation and nutrition. However, given our ignorance of the general understanding of such practices within the villages, it became apparent it would be more beneficial to interview people about their daily lives. This was a personal highlight, as we had a small snapshot into peoples worlds, from what they grew, how they shopped, and the local prices of meat and soap. Generally, there was an understanding of healthy living practices, such as washing with soap, however this was not carried out consistently, as demonstrated through many of the cases at the clinic. This highlighted to me a role for the clinic to focus on incentives for these important preventative measures that could massively influence the region. Thank you to all the people of Bupsa and Bumburi for so warmly looking after us in your home


Review by Dr Nepolian Timilsina, Nepal

It was an honour to be a part of the Solukhumbu camp. Even though it was a short stay of just 15 days, I take it as fruitful one because I came to know about the real problems that people are facing there. Being a part of that camp and helping to solve the problem of people gave me a good chance to utilise my knowledge and skills. It will be my great pleasure to be a part of such a camp in the future. Importantly I would like to thank all the people for good team work- without them it would not have been possible.


Testimonial by Asha Pandya-Sharpe, Bristol Dental Student

With just a backpack and three weeks ahead of me, I initially set out on my Nepal journey nervous, yet full of excitement. In such a friendly atmosphere the weeks just flew by, in which time I made long lasting friends, gained invaluable dental knowledge and experienced first-hand the culture and vibrancy that the Nepalese offered. As a second year dental student, the program enabled me to practice and develop my dental skills and confidence under expert supervision whilst gaining an insight into the levels of oral health and dental care abroad. I will forever be grateful for the experience the Moving Mountains Medical Camp has provided me with.


Testimonial by Hettie Stevens, Bristol Medical Student

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Moving Mountains clinic this summer. I felt that the camp made such a massive difference to the community there and provided some much needed medical relief to so many people, but also gave us as students an opportunity to develop our own skills. We saw a range of conditions that would never have presented itself in the UK, and many of the things I saw will stay with me forever. An awesome experience in an incredibly beautiful country.


Review by Dr Mohan, Nepal

This Solukhumbu camp was an invaluable experience and a great opportunity to serve needful ones. I feel so good to know the real problems around Himalayan regions.


Testimonial by Francesca Adams, Bristol Medical Student

I had an incredible experience during my time at the medical camps in Bupsa and Bumburi in Nepal. Having only had limited clinical training in our first 2 years of medical school, it was an amazing learning experience to be thrown in at the deep end taking over 100 blood pressures a day and learning how to give injections, drain abscesses and dress wounds. We learnt so much in such a short space of time and it was inspiring to watch the consultations between the patients and the doctors, despite our limited understanding of Nepali! It certainly reconfirmed my decision to do medicine and made me appreciate that the skills we are learning back home in the UK can be used to help people all over the world. What struck me most about our time in Nepal was the generosity and hospitality of the Nepalese people, making us feel at home wherever we went and I can't wait to visit Nepal again soon


Review by Mingma Sherpa, Community Health Worker

I am so happy to work with Moving Mountains Trust. I had a lot of opportunity to explore my knowledge and serve the people of my community. It has been a great honour to be part of this camp for 3 years running and I would love to continue to be a part of the camp in the future.


Review by Dr Ajit Pathak, Nepal

A memorable stay at Bupsa and Bumburi, pleasant people, charming team and above all, a common cause of serving the people in need of a health facility in such a rural area in Nepal. A wonderful experience and always fascinating...


Testimonial by Naomi Smart, Bristol Medical Student

The Moving Mountains Medical Camp was a great introduction to clinical work in a country less developed than the UK, where the cast system plays a significant role in society and damage from the earthquake in 2015 is still so evident. This trip opened my eyes to the tough reality that so many people live in.  In these rural Himalayan villages, medical treatment is not easily accessible due to limited resources this far up the mountains, not to mention the cost of treatment being far too expensive for most of the locals. It was a privilege to be part of the 2 week free medical clinic that serves the communities of Bumburi and Bupsa, and I would highly recommend this trip to other medical and dental students.


Review by Geljun Sherpa, Moving Mountains Nepal

Such is the way of life, happy-sad moments... Mother Nature has given us a lot of things, a place to live, foods to eat, environment to breathe... And our community has nurtured us to grow in to a social being. Why not contribute something to the givers that we owe, even just our gratitude.


Review by Rajan Dahal, Dental Hygienist

It's always a pleasurable experience, we get to meet and work with such a great bunch of helping hands. I request, please do visit us again and again for such a novel cause, because in such a remote village sometimes even a strip of medicine is of great value.


Review by Dr Ujwol Karmacharya, KIST Med College

Some experiences are so intriguing that it changes your perception towards life, an insight, a vision, a journey that has touched your soul and carved an imprint inside you... Enormous gratitude to our entire medical and dental team, charming medical students from the UK and New Zealand who have been so enthusiastic, co-operative and interactive throughout the camp, our volunteers from the Moving Mountains Trust, our very own Geljun Dai and family and last but not least, I want to thank Moving Mountains Trust for giving me the opportunity to serve in such a rural environment in my own land where we can never imagine how hard life is.


Testimonial by Emma McCallum, New Zealand

There are a few rare and precious moments in life that truly touch your soul and with complete sincerity my time spent in the picturesque hillside village of Bumburi was one of those moments. I am in awe of the resilience and strength that is so evident in the people of Nepal. For example, patients walking for days across rough terrain to reach the medical camp for treatment and then patiently waiting for time to see the Doctor. The hospitality and generosity of the Nepali people is unforgettable with their insistent 2nd, 3rd and 4th helpings of rice and pasta! Some of the most memorable patient interactions consisted of challenging Nepali/English translations, inventive wound dressings, minor surgery, but above all, their humbling appreciation for the limited medical care that we provided. If I was to pick one thing to take from my time in Nepal on the Medical Camp it would be the immense gratitude for the experience, for the privilege and most of all for the incredible people I met along the way.


Testimonial by Jack Turner, Norwich Medical School

Taking part in the Moving Mountains Medical Clinic was a wonderful experience, I will take away with me memories that will last a lifetime. Being able to give to those in need of help was the reason I went in to medicine, and continues to motivate me today. However, seeing how in need of help the people of rural Nepal are, and how little is provided to them, made the experience bittersweet. Moving Mountains is doing excellent and life changing work, but I couldn't help thinking "is it enough?" The people I saw at the camp relied on one week of free healthcare, but others in Nepal aren't so lucky. Why is there no free healthcare in Nepal, but there is a hospital specifically for tourists in Kathmandu? Until those problems are tackled by those with the power to do so, I worry that charitable work can at best be a temporary fix.


Testimonial by Rachel Simpson, Norwich Medical School

The medical camp was an invaluable experience and a great addition to my Medical Elective in Nepal. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to see patients on my own and practise prescribing, and the wide variety of cases made it all the more interesting - assisting a delivery would definitely be a personal highlight! However, the main thing that I'll take away with me will be the kindness and generosity of the Nepali people, who made this experience truly humbling.


Testimonial by Hannah Glatzel, Bristol Medical Student

For me, I would have to say that the best experience in the camp was the contrast between seeing children, often shy and nervous, in the medical clinic and then being able to play with them - local games outside. It really demonstrated to me the differences in our lives and the beneficial impact that the medical camp has on the surrounding villages, There was a lot to see during the trip, from babies being born to a suspected melanoma. Well worth the experience!


Testimonial by Tobin Rusby, Bristol Medical Student

The Moving Mountains clinic was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my time, making many new friends and learning so much. Operating over two weeks we treated over 1,000 patients in two separate clinics. The work was hands on, as we were divided in to different stations rotating each day. It has been an amazing opportunity to vastly broaden my clinic experience in medicine and dentistry, I'm so grateful for the guidance of the doctors. Nepal is a beautiful and unique country, I hope to visit again to explore its rich culture. 


Testimonial by Natalie M

Very worthwhile trip! Amazing people and experiences never to be forgotten. Nepal is a beautiful place and I miss it!