Suggested guidebooks and maps for Morocco

Here are some handy resources for your trip to Morocco. 


Mountaineering in the Moroccan High Atlas, D. Clark, Cicerone, ISBN 978-1852846114
Trekking in the Atlas Mountains, K. Smith, Cicerone, ISBN 978-1-85284-421-9
Moroccan Atlas - The Trekking Guide, A. Palmer, Trailblazer, ISBN 978-1873756775
The High Atlas: Treks & Climbs. H. Brown, Cicerone, ISBN 978-1852846718
Atlas Mountains, Morocco. R G Collomb. West Col Productions. ISBN-13: 978-0906227084


Toubkal & Marrakech, 1:50,000, Orientazion, ISBN 84-935600-0-6
Toubkal, Alto Atlas, Marruecos. 1:40,000, Editorial Piolet, ISBN 13: 9788495945426
Jbel Toubkal, 1:50,000. Ministere de l'Agiculture. Feuille NH-29-XXIII-I a
High Atlas Morocco, 1:100,000/1:1,500,000/1:20,000, TerraQuest, ISBN 9788361155263
Morocco Adventure Map, 1:1,000,000. National Geographic. ISBN-13: 978-1566955300

History & Culture

Morocco: From Empire to Independence, C. Pennell, Oneworld, ISBN 978-1851686346
A Traveller's History of North Africa, B. Rogerson, Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd, ISBN 978-0715637388

Climbing and Mountaineering

Mountains of the Mind: a History of a Fascination, Robert Macfarlane, Granta Books, ISBN-10: 1847080391, ISBN-13: 978-1847080394

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Perched on a ledge on Mount Toubkal in the summer months.