Sarawak Tours

Sarawak is usually accessed from the city of Kuching in the South or Miri in the North and offers some fantastic jungle and wildlife adventures. Abundant in National Parks, it is possible to visit the spectacular Mulu caves, Bako beaches and Limbir National Park, taking you into the jungles, caves and rock pinnacles. 

Why join our Sarawak Tours?

Our Sarawak tours take travellers off the tourist trail to see some of Borneo's best spots for wildlife, culture and trekking. As with all of our trips, we have an emphasis on responsible and sustainable tourism; our guides are trained local staff who are extremely knowledgable about the cultural and environmental impacts of travel.

Known for its strong cultural identity, Sarawak is home to several larger indigenous communities in Borneo. Iban tribal crafts, music and culture can be seen woven all through Kuching, from the restaurants you eat in to the shops- an overnight stay in an Iban longhouse is a highlight for many guests.

Many travellers join our Sarawak tours for the vast and alternative treks and climbs we offer. As a specialist in trekking and climbing expeditions, we are able to take guests far from the tourist trail to explore some of Borneo's best scenery.

Mulu National Park offers both multi-day treks on the Headhunters trail and the rocky outcrops of the Pinnacles and Gunung Mulu. Our trips with the Penan tribe journey deep into the interior by 4x4, longboat and trekking to hidden waterfalls, ancient rainforest for easy or challenging overnight treks. 

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