Testimonial by Shanni Collins

Hi Andy and Gavin and all, Happy New Year to you.

I want to say THANK YOU. Our trip to Kenya, going to the Moving Mountains Projects, visiting the Street kids Project and climbing the mountain has been one of the most memorable and transformation times of my life. The people we met along the way, Kelly (what a star), he was intelligent, reliable, funny, sincere and a pleasure to get to know. He told us so much about the project, the country, you all, the story of how he met Gavin and has so much knowledge to share.

The staff at BlueLine were so great. Friendly, fun and loveable. Kioni - what a lovely man. He took us to the school project and showed us round with great detail and sensitivity. Cyrus (seriously) :-) - The Mountain Man with his mountain medicine. He was gentle, really funny, welcoming, re-assuring and again, really made me laugh. All the porters, I do know lots of their names, David, Richard, Elijah, Wilson the fabulous cook and the others which I know their faces so well, but I think the altitude affected my memory. Gilbert and Purity - again, kind, funny, reliable, knowledgeable and welcoming. I was moved, challenged, and humbled by the humanity and kindness we experienced. I laughed so much and felt like I made friends.

The mountain was spectacular and unforgiving and majestic and I summited on my birthday - New Years Day at 6am with Cyrus. You probably heard that Sam suffered quite a lot from the altitude, however managed to get the Austrian Hut, and then we hooked up for breakfast (totally knackered! :-D) We are both very grateful for all the input and thought gone into our trip. I have experienced travel with several organisations, but nothing like this. So personal and with integrity too. So thanks to you too.

All the best and I will let people know about Adventure Alternative and the Moving Mountains Charity. With Gratitude, Shanni