Costs in Marrakech

We have compiled the following to give you a rough idea of the costs of various common goods and services in Marrakesh. This is to help you to budget and also not to pay over the odds for things. Prices up in the mountain villages will usually be a bit cheaper, maybe 10%.

However.... please do not take these prices as definitive, they are just based on our experience. As with many places in the world, there is a huge gap between "locals' prices" and "tourists' prices" and there will always be certain salemen who will be somewhat 'speculative' with their pricing!

Arriving at a price that is at an acceptable level somewhere in between the extremes is where the art of haggling and bargaining comes in.  

Goods / Service                                  

Approx Price
Taxi Airport-Centre of Old Town 150 MAD/car
Meal in decent riad restaurant 150-200 MAD
Basic Tagine & Soda in central cafe 60-100 MAD
Tip for a waiter 5-10 MAD
Horse & Cart Tour 100 MAD /Half Hour
City Tour Guide (ask for official ID) 300-400 MAD /Half Hour
Cotton Fabric 2m x 2m 100 MAD
Cotton Fabric 2m x 3m 120 MAD
Velour/Silk Fabric 2m x 2m 160 MAD
Velour/Silk Fabric 2m x 3m 200 MAD
Scarf 60-100 MAD
Tea Pot & 4 Glasses 150-400 MAD
Traditional Leather Slippers 150-300 MAD
Plain full size clay Tagine 100 MAD

You will normally get around 13 MAD per GBP but you can check current rates at , bearing in mind that all foreign exchange bureaus will give you a slightly different rate to this to allow them to make their own commission.