Charity trips

We run a lot of trips in support of our charity Moving Mountains as well as fundraising trips for other charities too, We provide all the logistics, staffing, risk assessments, financial bonding and insurances to safely run popular charity trips to east Africa, Nepal, Morocco and other places.

Our ethos of fair play and responsible practice means we don't penalize charities over numbers and nor do we charge premiums for the training and preparation we provide if it is needed. 

Because we have such comprehensive set-ups in our main countries like Tanzania and Nepal, it means we can go the extra mile with charity groups who need the additional support if they are unfamiliar with trekking holidays. Our own experience managing trips and projects for Moving Mountains means that we very much favour the point of view of the charity and work hard to meet those expectations. 


What is Moving Mountains?

Our sister charity, Moving Mountains Trust, aims to build up communities to be self-sufficient over time. Instead of just giving and leaving, we focus on building lasting relationships for sustainable growth long term. Our projects aim to empower local communities to support themselves by not only giving them the resources they need to get started, but the education required to keep going.

We focus on a “bottom up” approach that gives families and communities the tools they need to build a better future for themselves. This approach is different than a traditional charity that simply builds something and goes home. We work together with the community and built long-term relationships to enable local communities to grow and change in a way that is best for them.

We welcome everyone on our charity trips from the individual, to students, to large groups.

keny volunteer training.jpg

Work with local children in rural Kenya and make an impact on the community.

Charity Trips in Nepal

We have been working with rural communities in Nepal for an extended period of time. The relationships we have developed over the years are easily seen on our Nepal Charity Trip. In our local community, we have helped with infrastructure projects, schools, medical clinics and much more. Our trip focuses on engaging with those communities and lending a helping hand in a meaningful and sustainable way. This trip is geared towards individuals and small groups looking to partake in community life. The trip ends with a wonderful safari to the famous Chitiwan National Park.

Nepal Charity Expedition (7)

A local school hosue in Nepal at our sister village in the Solu-Khumbu region.

Our Nepal Tourism Workshop focuses on community development through tourism. This trip is tailored towards individuals who would like to enjoy some trekking as well as discover the relationship between tourism and the Sherpa people. This culturally imersive program is aimed to engage in meanigful exhcanges with you and the Sherpa people.

Charity Trips in Kenya

We work closely with local communities in Kenya to provide you with the best charity experience. We focus on developing meaningful relationships with the people in the communities you will work in. Come to Kenya and join Moving Mountains to work with schools, local communities, and even medical electives for medical students.

One special trip we offer is our Kenya Charity Challenge. Geared towards students and youth groups, this trip takes you into the remote areas of Kenya. This is a hands-on trip that visits children’s camps and other charitable development that Moving Mountains supports. The trip also includes a summit of Mount Kenya and a safari. We also offer a charity expedition that does not include Mount Kenya, but instead explores some of the beautiful scenery that Kenya has to offer.

Volunteering in Kenya (4)

Volunteers play with kids during one of our children's camp outtings. 

Our Social Enterprise Trip visits different communities where you will immerse yourself in daily life. The focus is social interaction and helping to create mentorships for the young lives of the community. We offer opportunities to work with Scout Camps, after school clubs, churches, and schools. We want to create global connections that span a lifetime. Our mission is to lift up others by giving them the confidence and skills they need to lead the future. 

School Expedition Kenya (13)Kenya Charity Challenge Expedition (6)

Volunteers are helping with rebuilding efforts at one of our projects on the Charity Challenge Expedition.

Medical Camps in Nepal and Kenya

We offer medical elective camps in both Kenya and Nepal. Our group has been working with local teams in rural areas of both Nepal and Kenya to provide much-needed medical clinics to the area. If you are a medical student (thrid year preferred) you are eligible for school credit on these trips. We do offer spots for first and second year students, however these spots are limited.

Nepal Medical Camp (22)Nepal Medical Camp (22)

Medical camps not only allow medical students to get hands-on experience, but they also do great things to impact the local rural communities. A student is helping this family while at the medical camp in Nepal.

The program is designed to give aspiring doctors and dentists a chance to work with local communities in rural areas of Kenya and Nepal. You will be exposed to new and different diagnosis than what you typically find at home. We encourage to stay actively involved in local communities, even after the programme has ended and you return home.

Charity Climbs on Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro for charity combines both trekking and a good cause. We have several different charity climb options, one of which is to raise money for Moving Mountains Trust. In addition to climbing the Roof of Africa, participants are also able to visit nearby projects put on by Moving Mountains. You have the opportunity to see where your money goes and witness the direct impact of your contribution.

Mount Kilimanjaro - approaching the summit

Be a part of sustainable change and climb the tallest mountain in Africa. Spirits are high summiting Mt Kilimanjaro for Moving Mountains.

Accommodation on Charity Trips

Our charity trips span two different continents with vastly different cultures. However, in both cases, charity trip housing is generally basic in nature. For example, while on a medical elective in Kenya, you will stay in the Ulamba Guest House, adjacent to a children’s home that we have helped build and maintain. All the basic necessities are there, but it is not a luxury accommodation.

Accommodation in Embu (3)

Medical elective students are ejoying some down time at the guest house.

Accommodation in Nepal is in locally-owned lodges or teahouses. Teahouses often have a common heated area and individual rooms that are not heated. The common area is where you will relax and have meals. Although each accommodation is different, you will have your basic needs met. 

Food on Charity Trips

Food is provided for you on our charity trips, although you can be involved in the cooking. Communal meals or mealtimes are common. We do our best to accommodate any dietary restrictions you may have, just let us know. In Nepal, you will primarily eat vegetarian meals and in Africa there will be a mix of meat and veggies. Meals are basic, filling, and flavorful. Part of being on a charity trip means that you will be spending time with local communities. There is always a chance to get invited into someone’s home for a meal. Make sure to read up on the etiquette of the country you are visiting.

A charity trio is a unique way to experience another country. The opportunity to connect on a meaningful level creates an experience of a lifetime. We hope you’ll join us in supporting the incredible goals and communities of Moving Mountains.