Borneo Rescue

First aid and initial support can be provided immediately on the ground by staff. There are medical clinic facilities available at small settlements such as Long Banga, Long San and Long Akah, plus an excellent hospital in Miri for our trips which visit the Penan tribe. In Sabah there are excellent facilities in Kota Kinabalu. All rescues and emergencies will be medi-vaced by helicopter or the most available form of transport to either hospital in Miri or Kota Kinabalu. 

The only two methods of travel and transport in the jungle are on foot, by boat, by helicopter and by 4x4. Obviously certain medical conditions are either so debilitating or urgent that the first option is not practicable as an evacuation method. Helicopter evacuation is dependent on favourable weather conditions and a suitable landing site. We have contacts at the helicopter companies and in the case of a medical emergency we will coordinate an efficient rescue. Communication is by telephone, there is some signal in the forest villages, but clearly this area is not within immediate contact of a hospital and any emergency would take time based on the helicopter timing and ability to land safely. 

The helicopter company will require payment before they fly which is normally with a credit card. You should contact your insurance provider, open a case number and arrange the relevant exchanges of information and certification. For this purpose it is essential that you have the right policy and provide us with all the policy details. You should also carry your policy with you and also have your credit card with you to use initially to pay for a service which can then be recovered through your insurance provider.

The process for organising a helicopter evacuation is as follows:

  1. A booking will have to be made and is subjected to availability of the Helicopter. Minimum wait time is 1 hour for the Helicopter to depart Miri.(if available)
  2. Full Payment has to be made before the flight either by banked into our account or at our Miri office by cash or credit card.(Bank Charges will apply for credit cards.). You'll have to make the full payment and you can make your claim from your insurance later.
  3. Our flight hourly rate is RM8,000.00 per hour and RM11.00 for airport tax. 
  4. A 6% GST is applicable to the above amounts.

It will be a matter of the helicopter company ascertaining that it is safe to fly to the relevant location and then flying the casualty to a nominated location, almost certainly a hospital in Miri, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu at least initially. Our staff who will help to coordinate any further stages in the process and ensure that family is informed, unless it is already done so by yourself. 

If for any reason the helicopter is unable to fly we will use our many local staff and contacts to coordinate an alternative rescue and treatment regime. This in reality means being taken out of the area by boat and 4x4 to the nearest landing strip and calling in an aeroplane to fly out to Miri or Kuching. 

Helicopter companies

Layang Layang Services               
Terminal 2, KKIA Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Haji Kamalrudin Osman                 
Deputy Ops Manager, Kota Kinabalu Office     
Tel: +6 019-8899412/8823636 or +6 088-484919                                                                                               

Mr Joseph Ling
OPS, Miri office                              
Tel: +6 019-8493062, +6 085 414199                                                             
Mr Chan Chuan Lee, General Manager, Tel: +6 016-8791177                              
Capt Irwin, Ops Manager, Tel: +6 016-2198080                              

Approximate Costs:
BO 105                                               RM 8000.00 per hour flight + 6% tax 
Twin Engine Helicopter                  4 pax or 1 x stretcher + 2 pax

Bell 206                                            
Single Engine Helicopter                4 pax or 1 x stretcher + 1 pax

Evacuation will be carried out in VMC/day time only
Evacuation subject to helicopter availability
Allowable waiting time at any one station is 1 Hour. Thereafter a rate of RM500.00 per hour or part thereof will be charged.
Night stop charges are RM650.00 for Pilot & Heli per night
The charterer will pay in advance one hour flight time before the commencement of the charter flight.
The Final cost of charter will be calculated upon completion of such flight & the balance shall be payable on presentation of invoice by cash or cheque made payable to Layang Layang Aerospace

Co-ordinates for villages visited on our Sarawak trips where landing facilities are available:
Ba Lai                                  NO3 19.330 E115 20.123
1 hour walk at end of logging road and start of trail to village

Long Kerong                      NO3 17.068 E115 12.881
Has heli landing space next to small medical clinic in village

Long Speigen                     NO3 13.570 E115 11.884
Main logging road at Long Siut (approx 45 mins downriver) or at a number of sights upriver where there are large flat rice field clearings.