Borneo street food does not compare favourably with the likes of Vietnam and Thailand – too oily and bland. However, anyone who has tasted a longhouse or village feast cooked with jungle produce and washed down with some Tuak (rice wine) will rank it as some of the most memorable of the region.

Vegetarians will find the food generally bland and repetitive but we will help balance this out as best we can. Seafood lovers will be in heaven.

You will be unlucky to get ill by the food in Borneo. Compared to other areas in the region, standards of cleanliness are high. Minor upsets can be expected due to a change of diet. Bottled water is always safe as is boiled water provided in hotel rooms and villages. Ice cubes are also ok as they are factory made. Avoid 'shaved' street ice.

Malaysian Borneo has some of the best value resort style hotels in the region and they are a fantastic way to celebrate the end of an unforgettable trip. However, city accommodation is average by regional standards and poor value for money. Where possible we seek to use locally owned accommodation that provides a true Borneo welcome. Whilst in the field village and longhouse stays will utilise roll mats, expedition hammocks or tents.