Our local provider is Adventure Alternative Borneo. Adventure Alternative Borneo complies with all UK tourism standards.

Where we do use providers such as hostel and guesthouse owners and homestays these are people our Adventure Alternative Borneo staff have known for years, and spent time with to build up the trust between both parties. We also do use third party providers for vehicles on this trip, such as minibuses, light aircraft, longboats and 4x4 vehicles. We do our absolute best to ensure that all the vehicles are in good mechanical condition, the boats don’t have holes in them (!) and the hammocks are comfortable. It would clearly be rather difficult to do a risk assessment survey on living in a remote jungle village house, but we do certainly have our own company risk assessments which include the leader’s responsibility to check everything before a group arrives.

Internal aircraft in Malaysia are good quality and many people use them. Road journeys are quite impossible in the jungle, and river journeys are very long (although romantic and exciting). Most people travel by plane. The boats are the ones used by the villages for all their trade and movement, so they are always in good condition. The 4x4’s do take a bit of a hammering in the conditions but they do move very slowly on the muddy tracks!

This trip has been entirely thought out in terms of the local people and the impact upon them, and the benefit they can gain from having visitors, therefore we use local people as third party providers wherever possible. These are people that our Adventure Alternative Borneo staff have known for years and spent time with to build up the trust between both parties. The trip is not just a tourist trail, it really is an unusual adventure and one that we hope will help to transform the lives of these remarkable people. In that respect the trip falls within all the categories of the FairTrade Volunteering trademark, even if you are not actually volunteering to do some work in the jungle; the visit is still about making a positive impact on the people who live there.

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