Porters on Aconcagua

There are porters on both sides of the mountain who are available for hire. Adventure Alternative will sometimes use porters for group equipment (tents, food, stoves etc) although generally we carry everything as a team. It is possible for individuals to hire a porter or to club together with other members and hire a porter for heavy items. 

The cost depends on how far they have to carry. A porter to Camp Canada or Camp 1 on the Vacas Valley side costs about USD$130 and to Nido de Condores (or Camp 2) USD$180.00. A porter carrying 15kgs to the final camp (Berlin or Colera) will cost $240. This figure covers doing the carry up and down.

The porters only accept cash and normally only in Argentinian pesos or US dollars. Some of them have their own rucksacks, but you should be prepared to use your rucksack for this purpose if necessary.

It is possible to call the base camp service station from the high camps using VHF radios and order a porter, for example to help with the descent.