Aconcagua National Park rules

You will have to pay a fine of between $100 and $200 if you:
* Do not use the toilets provided by the park.
* Throw rubbish on the paths in the park
* Leave or do not use the numbered rubbish bags provided by the park.
* Pollute rivers, streams or waterfalls.
* Damage wildlife, plants and natural, cultural or archaeological features which are protected
* Gather or burn wood in the park.
* Carve inscriptions in the stones.

On matters of poop’n’scoop
When arriving in Plaza de Mulas or Plaza Argentina, the Ranger will register you and hand over a numbered "shit-bag". This bag will be your companion all the time on the higher reaches of Aconcagua and if you lose it you have to pay a USD$200 fine. You're supposed to use the bag as the only alternative for a toilet and if you're doing your business without it and are spotted by the guards there is a $100 fine.

Be warned, the plastic of the bag is not that thick and is not to be trusted. Double or triple pack it with large sealable freezer bags in order to avoid disgusting leakage in your back pack. At the end of the trip you will have to hand in the bag to the base camp services company. At base camp there are good toilets to use however so these bags are not necessary. Don’t forget that at altitude you tend to dehydrate and use a large amount of calories, while probably eating less than you do at home. So therefore you tend to go to the toilet less. You will need to bring some toilet paper which also needs to be bagged.

At the high camps people generally find a boulder to go behind for going to the toilet.