Getting to, and climbing Aconcagua will involve a couple of different conditiions in terms of what you eat and where you sleep. We will pass though the city of Mendoza, the small village of Puente del Inca, on to basecamp and finally on the mountain itself.

In the city we use the comfortable Crillon hotel, with twin rooms and ensuite bathrooms. The city has a fantastic range of restaurants and bars, and is famous for its wine. We suggest you fully enjoy your time here, it's a wonderful place to spend time and the famous Argentinian steaks are to die for!

On our way to the mountain we will stop for a night in Puente del Inca. The accommodation here is more basic than that in Mendoza and the teams stay in shared dormitories. There are good bathrooms and hot showers, especially for the day you come down! There is a moderate range of food on offer which is likely to include chicken and pasta and lots of local red wine.

Basecamp facilities are provided by our local provider (Aymara) and the area effectively turns into a semi-permanant village. There is all the hustle and bustle that you would expect to be associated with the servicing of a large, remote settlement. We will be camping but there are showers and toilet facilities to use. Meals are prepared by basecamp staff in large mess tents furnished with tables and chairs and we will have a chance to meet other climbers of various nationalities who share the facilities. The food here is excellent and there is lots of it! Expect plenty of meat and carbs, with soups and big hearty breakfasts of porridge and tea. Generally between visits to the high camps we eat as much as possible at base camp and build up our energy levels.

On the Mountain
Above basecamp we will be fending for ourselves. Anything we wear, sleep in or eat must be carried up to our camps. It is obvious therefore that we will be minimising unnecessary weight. We will generally sleep in teams of 3 to each tents which are sufficient for mountain environments. Bear in mind that in some locations you will be pitching your tent and lying on snow so a good quality sleeping mat is as important as a good sleeping bag. We cook on gas stoves and melt snow for drinking water and cooking purposes. We will buy all of our supplies in Mendoza. In order to minimise weight we are likely to be primarily eating dehydrated meals such as pasta, noodles, soups, oatmeal etc. perhaps supplimented by some dried meat & vegetables or tinned fish. We will buy our food as a group or in our tent-groups in Mendoza so at this point you will be able to cater to personal preferences to some extent. We will never be more than a few days away from a huge meal at basecamp so we often keep the meals up high fairly light. We will be bagging and carrying out all of our own waste, there will therefore be a few new techniques to perfect!