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Penan Project in Sarawak, Borneo
Penan Project in Sarawak, Borneo

Our trips leave virtually no carbon footprint at all, but they all involve taking a flight somewhere, which releases a significant amount of carbon emissions. For example the approximate emissions for a flight from London to Mombasa amount to 798 kgs.

Adventure Alternative funds a carbon offsetting project in Borneo which is co-funded and administered by our charity Moving Mountains. The money goes to the local Koperasi (co-operative) which is called Mihau Tana Lalun; roughly translated it means 'Keepers of the Forests'. We monitor the project closely and send several groups a year into the area to see and work with the people who live there and manage the nurseries.

This is a tree nursery and ethnobotany project with the Penan people who live in remote Sarawak. These people are the original jungle dwellers, trying to protect their forest from the loggers and gain some recognition of their livelihood and heritage. We are providing the funds to plant up to 40,000 seedlings per year. These seedlings are planted in polythene bags and kept in special nurseries which have been built for the purpose. The seedlings are then transferred after six months into the ground as saplings, and left to grow. It will be fifteen years before the trees start to reach maturity.

We are also hoping to fund educational courses for the Penan people in the town of Miri, enabling them to go beyond the illiteracy that forces them into exploitative labour. In time we hope to help them in protecting both their forest and their culture, and also provide employment to manage the future of that forest. We hope that this will be a more holistic approach to a complex problem.

Adventure Alternative clients can take part in these programmes in the jungle by joining our BorneoCamp or Picnic with the Penan programmes, in which case a donation of £100 per person goes towards the Penan Project.

This is a long term commitment to a long term project and we have brought in a number of experts to advise the Koperasi and the Penan people on what to plant and how to manage a rainforest enrichment project. We genuinely feel this is a better option than buying into third party schemes.

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