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Add-on excursions

In addition to the featured itinerary there are numerous add-ons that you can enjoy, from  snorkelling, to fishing trips, wildlife river cruises, mountain or road biking, white water rafting. For those with time to spare it is also feasible to organise a visit to other fascinating destinations in the region which are only a short flight away: The temples of Java and Bali, the world heritage limestone seascapes of Palawan in the Philippines or the world famous Orang-utan and Gibbon research centres in Kalimantan. Locally in Sabah, we recommend:

Biking  - this is mountain biking heaven with many opportunities to get off the beaten track and enjoy cycling along jungle tracks and seeing the wildlife. Bikes can be hired locally and our local guide can offer a variety of journeys.

Rafting – The Padas River offers white water rafting experiences, to a reasonable standard. Local companies have professional set-ups, with good staff and boats. Training is provided on the ground.

Kinabatanagan  - the river is a wonderful place to visit, with many cruises plying the water looking for birdlife on the banks. A variety of overnight options exist, from very comfortable lodges to jungle forest camps.

Turtle, Sipadan and Lankayan Islands – amazing diving locations, it takes a fast boat journey to get there and many local companies specialise in weekend tours. There is also snorkelling on the islands just near Kota Kinabalu, easily done as a day trip.

Sepilok – this is the famous orang utan sanctuary and it takes a short flight from Kota Kinabalu to get to the other side of Sabah in order to visit this remarkable place. It is easy to spend a whole day here, walking through the rainforest and spying these amazing apes.

Kayaking – a perfect activity is to rent a kayak and explore the islands and the coastline in shallow waters.
Contact us for any information about the above and we can help recommend the best local companies. Much of the planning can be left until you arrive in Sabah, since the tourist sector is well organised for the backpacking market.

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